Another Day Another $5.25! [Go State of Arizona!!! Woohoo!]

I am sitting in a Euro Café doing a bit of off-line blog writing, eating Pita Bread w/yogurt [$4] and drinking a latte w/almond milk [$3.75].  Now, at $7.75 + Tax & Tip it will cost me about $15.00 and here is why:

The ladies who work here are lovely; great personalities and good energy.  They can hold a conversation, joke back with me and are giving me just enough attention to feel welcome and wanted but not too much that I feel smothered and want to leave.  It is a nice establishment great ambiance and perfect music as far as selection and volume.

It could use some wifi but that is neither here nor there and doesn’t affect my tipping equation.

So, 10% on $8.50 is $.85 cents which is expected minimum. 15% on $.50 is $1.27[5] and this is appropriate for most bills. 20% is $1.70.

I will be leaving about $6.50 tip which is about 76.47% of the total cost of the bill.


These ladies (if making Arizona State Serving Wages of $5.25) will have made $5.25 the hour that I have been sitting here [which is taxed] plus my tip of $6.50 cash (I prefer not to leave credit tips…I know they get the cash even if it is split at some places)…so $6.50 divided by two ladies is $3.25 each for that hour and they will have received $8.50 [taxed] for the hour of work they put in today while I was here.  Correct me if I am mistaken, but this is still technically less than the minimum wage given elsewhere? So without me they make less than the rest of the people out there who make minimum wage.  Why does the State view this as okay? Discrimination against servers? People who get to make commissions on sales still get to benefit from a higher minimum wage than servers.


Since the Laws wont change anytime soon in any sort of helpful or constructive way…Tip your deserving server[s], tip them well…& whenever possible: Cash is King. 😉

This is the end of your public service announcement.

Kindest of Regards,

Me (a fellow server)


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