Awesome Possum (yes, it’s a saying…I didn’t make this one up)

Just picked up my book from someone whom I let borrow it for a few days to read.

This person didn’t end up finishing it yet, but from what was read I received a carefully chosen phase, “Well, you were right…it’s random.”

At that point I asked if they were able to finish the book…I got the answer I was expecting: nope.

I gotta figure out a way to make this book more reader friendly I guess.

Just kidding.

I will do nothing of the sort.

It just needs a bit of an edit and clean up.

You just have to appreciate some good ol’ fashioned criticism.  Makes the whole process that much more interesting, don’tcha think?  😉


Plus: If a man with a ferret on his head can become President with no military training what-so-ever and have the ‘Kill Switch to the planet’ at his finger tips…

then I can be a book writer [whether either of us end up being any good at our chosen professions…well, that is still to be seen].



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