Dirt Poor Antics

Money isn’t the issue here.  The resources and life you can acquire with said monies IS the issue here.

When writing doesn’t pay the bills I have to do something that will. 

Nothing against other people who sell their bodies or souls for a paycheck … However, It’s more my style to make less and work ten times harder so I can live with myself.

Here’s the issue though: 

If I were to work in a shady field or be more willing to lower my moral or ethical standards I would make so much more money thus allowing me more resources for myself and my family.

However, because I’ve chosen to serve [instead of screw] others I am at the bottom of the social ladder not even able to scrape by working one job (I currently have 3 jobs with a possible fourth).

I desperately need the hours so I work as much as possible but I’m so flipping exhausted. It’s literally like I’m a dog chasing my own tail.

I have wealthy individuals who I am really fond of as people tell me I must be making loads of money [as the smoke, drink and spend more in one night than I make in a year…yet as a server in AZ I make server wages (below minimum wage) and I am taxed on that and in tips.

Here is my issue with all this:

Everyone is dying of stress/cancer etc. Due to either lack of resources or abusing too much of one or more resources. 

It’s all bat shit crazy.

I believe everyone should make enough working 23 hours a week to cover all expenses for all resources needed plus enough to save and pocket money.

One couple could have a giant mansion all to themselves and another could be living in a house with five other couples in a two bed house just to be able to survive.

Some say : work harder

Or…get a better job

Or…life’s not fair

Or…manage your money better 

Or get government help.
But here’s is the deal: if corporations are so powerful that they can rape/pillage/steal so as to afford billion dollar perks and pay checks, have all the rights of an individual person times a million without any of the actual responsibility attached, meanwhile an individual has no rights and so much responsibility they can barely breathe on minimum wage…. 

If there are people In the world who can have so much as far as finances and resources that they can have multiple houses, planes, boats, with money enough to literally burn in a night that would take me a decade to earn …


Telling me it’s possible for a hard working American to get out from the bottom of the barrel without three jobs, resources and financial backing/support from a source outside of the sloppy societal bucket……

 is just plain sadistic.


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