Panda Poop.

I tried uploading a video for two days now of me saying this speech. It won’t load. 

I also attempted to take a picture of my notebook made of recycled Panda Poop…says I’m not on a secure network.

So typing this up will have to suffice for now.

Dear America,

Let me start by saying how beautiful all your countries are [North & South]. Fantastic and majestic continents.

My love as well as my concerns run far too deep to properly express in words.

What I express after this comes from a place of love and concern. I hope these thoughts and feelings translate respectfully.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” (this is not my quote) and so is the road to Political Power which lacks humanity.

*What is humanity?

*Who shows it?

*Where are they?

*When do we see it?

*Why do we need it?

*How do we improve?

To be perfectly clear, as a United States Citizen I am so worried that I am filled with a tinge of fear just writing these words. I am worried I won’t be heard…or more accurately, that I will…and be judged.

Yet I have Hope:

Knowing so many people from so many backgrounds who’ve had so many different experiences and finding good in all (without exceptions) there is hope for proper change.

Change is painful and difficult. It requires admitting faults and failures. Sometimes raising a white flag of defeat. But when is acceptance of change needed? And when is it dangerous?

I propose more balance. 

I propose more accountable behaviour (behavior).

I propose tough love and change that losens our shackles and ties us more closely together in our clean/healthy freedoms.

I propose 23% flat tax.

I propose 11% tax back in the form of savings/401k/personal retirement fund for anyone earning 300,000 or less.

I propose a healthier distribution of government raised funding through taxes or otherwise.

I recommend ANY country causing ANY damage in a country not their own is responsible for their percentage of refugees/reconstruction costs.

50% responsible for war/theft/destruction?

Then 50% responsible for refugees/rebuilding costs/charity works.


Religion and politics have no business being in business together. Opens up room to discriminate and play favourites.



*Clean water.

*Clean & healthy food.

*Clean & Safe shelter.

*Well-rounded & comprehensive education.

*3-week holiday (needed for mental, social & economic health.)

Anything beyond basics must be earned.

Makes life more fun, fulfilling & interesting for everyone.

Refocusing on improving things will be painful & difficult for everyone.

However, proper deconstruction must occur before proper construction may lift us all up. (Another quote)

No more nasty chemicals.

No more mass production lines.

No more over breeding & over populating out of greed or fear.

We can all be excessive spenders, eaters, players, breeders, aggressors, users of various products & services….But, this is unhealthy and causes us all major issues.

Again, Balance.

I do not want to be President. It looks like a pretty shitty job to be honest…at least if you care about the planet & all living things. Stressful job. No real thanks. Just Judgements. 

Regardless, I would sacrifice my comforts until someone better able for the position could take over.

And this is what I would do and how I would act if given the power and support:

*Go State by State & reconstruct the system once the flat tax is in place.

Make sure all monies brought in and all resources are being allocated fairly and justly based on current needs.

OPEN ALL BOOKS. Be open with everyone on every detail. Whether people agree or not, we should all at least be on the same page and uniformly informed.

Slash the bullshit funds, & pad the “basics” fund.

*Then once each state was self-sufficient, I would go nation-wide my second year in office.

Focusing on Astro/aero nautics, transportation, defence/offense, our position on cleaning up house with regards to energy, recycling, reusing, reducing & reallocating funds.

*Third year I would tackle our relations with other nations. Teaching and learning from every culture/race/creed/sex/gender/age, etc. 

A global refocus.

*Finally, once everything is clean and running semi-smoothly, the focus will be shifted to understanding and traveling as a planet throughout our various universes to ensure survival of all life cycles on our beautiful planet.


If we all believe and tolerate blows to our egos…uncomfortable change could save our souls.

I would legalise euthanasia for anyone in pain who did not want to be alive.

I would release all non-violent criminals after retraining & re-socialising them. I would turn prisons into life training facilities NOT FOR PROFIT.

I would required public transportation. 

I would require green energy.

I would require…

Effort in reducing our meat in-take. 1-3meals per week as a goal.

The White House and all government buildings would be required to go vegan/non-GMO/Organic.  Then schools and jails as well.

Police quotas would be banned.

War on drugs would be canceled.

Wars waged on peaceful nations or on our own nation would be canceled (regardless of resources or not).

If we cannot self-sustain we are not a great nation and do not deserve the title.

No walls or fences. No tolerance for lies, deceit, manipulation, spying, stealing, etc.

Zero tolerance for any judiciary server being prejudice or playing favourites (in any court).

Constant training and re-training for all.

If someone wants to sit on their ass, do nothing, just live on basics provided to them…

This is allowed.

If someone wants to work three jobs, set up a company and build a mansion for everyone they know…or keep it all for themself…

This is allowed.

If someone has skills and can help the nation or the world, they will be allowed.

If someone wants to set up another random religion, they can. 

Know this:

Every action, thought, word that is expressed is followed by rewards and/or consiquences.

So just don’t be too surprised when they happen.





Will no longer be rewarded with sympathy.





Will no longer be punished or viewed as a weakness.

Vote for me and I will do all of this and more and keep everyone in the loop when asked till the end of my term or life…depending on assassination attempts, etc. 😉

Vote for me and I will work vigilantly to push out the darkness and dance in the light of positivity and power (which includes unity and love).

Let us clean up our side of the dirty (socially corrupt) street.

I am not all knowing or all seeing.

I am flesh and blood and bone.

Sometimes flesh rots, blood thins and bones break.

However, I am also love, compassion and although I was scared to death writing these words I know something must be done.

I love myself.

I love my family.

I love my higher power.

I love the planet.

I love the life & respect the death.

I live for peace and happiness for all.

If you would like to vote for me and can envision our country and world as a better place…please like, share, copy/paste and comment.

Not all revolutions need to be nasty.

Kindest Regards,

Ashlie S. Christie

(Day after Presidents’ Day 2017)


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