What if…

(FYI, I’m too tired to edit…please forgive this)
What if…

The world you open your eye(s) up to, every morning-is a beautiful place. Where food is mutually worked on and mutually provided to everyone.

A world Where cherishing one another’s feelings and respecting one another’s opinions was the norm. And judging one another based on bull shite nonsens that doesn’t really matter in the great scheme of things was a thing of the past.

Slavery of any kind : off limits.

Actually retributionable.

What if you walk out your front door and everyone around you participating in making the community great in some form or fashion (even if it is just being that person everyday sitting at the bus stop chatting with you ) was your community member…there was no crazy underline negative feelings or assumptions…just love…

 Respect of thoughts /any size thoughts coming from most places (besides totally illogical/immoral ones that FUXK with other people to the point of great harm of any kind)…

 Cherishing ones feelings (whether week or strong). 

You just wake up and life is on a forward unified mission with equal parts contribution (in ones on way) and equal parts benifits (to ones own way).

We all just wake up and get it.

We get that our planet is important to us; and we get that  in order to be completely lacking of prejudice we need to be time sensitive as well. 

What makes us and our generation more valuable than the next?
I believe the answer to that question is nothing.

And we all treat each other and our space as though it is all important to everyone regardless of age, sex, creed, religion, generation, sexual orientation, gender association, whatever -ism you would like to own…

We wake up and feel safe in our environment to own our shit and clean up our messes without fear or actual action to ruin the rest of a persons life out of spite malice or instruction from a third party.

What if the world was unified in a goal to solve our eventual problem of finding space for all of us comfortably and fairly…

And was excited and not scared of forming bonds and ties with one another’s nations and tribes without legitimate fear of hostile bullying,or takeover for selfish Bung hole reasons .
What if we woke up one morning and life was peaceful, exciting and interesting for everyone. 

What if we promoted our youth for happy social and contributory lives not lives of waste away knowledge boxes, too heaving with information to move so tv /phone/internet/digi games/etc become our almost-only hobby.

We wake up and find socialising all the time and everywhere is healthy and supported, not frowned upon an shunned. 

We wake up and…

Life is beautiful.



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