Thoughts that keep me from topping myself…

…are ones that remind me I have a purpose and a few lessons to learn. 

I know that when life appears great or not so great there is something I can take away from the experience that can be helpful or positive. 

That is the key to wanting to live, thrive and survive…hope & forgiveness fill in the gaps and form your sanity safety net.

Life can be a beautiful and challenging experience. I believe this is mostly good.

I also believe the choice is every person’s individual choice…

I sometimes wonder if bullying stems from one’s own struggle with neglect or feelings of inadequacy. I also wonder if tweeking (altering) just a couple social aspects wouldn’t just straighten a number of these issues out. 

This planet can be self sufficient and everyone/thing can co-habitate in harmony. 

We shouldn’t need more reasons to self-destruct; especially when we can work together to find millions of reasons and ways to get along and keep things happy and functioning. 

I even self-sabbatoge on occasion just to feel alive and worthy of existence. However, too much of that can pull you all the way down…at least that’s what it does for me.

Well, enough of that.

Let’s get back to happy idealistic thoughts. 😉 and yummy breakfasts.


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