Change…when is enough, good enough

Change is uncomfortable…and important.

What it is not is mandatory.


Not a fan of external folks forcing an otherwise internal change on others…or on myself for that matter.

It is understood no one is perfect…so who died and made me or you or anyone Jesus Christie Almighty of anyone else?

In saying that, it is also understood that sometimes my antics bleed into the lives of others.

So the question is: not IF we change…

The question is: to what extent DO we change…and for what reasons.



I am open about the fact that I have imperfections and unhealthy habits. I do not hide them … clearly, a few need to change. Or do they?  Do all of my idiosyncrasies have to change at once so that a person demanding that I change can feel like they are in control of me and my destiny..? Do I avoid conflict at all costs [even negative change] if their intentions are good and they just want what they believe is best for me [or best for everyone]?

I could see that…if it was reciprocated.  However, it is next to never reciprocated…those who request my changes usually want blind acceptance of their issues that need changing too.

How can I, in my right mind’s eye, make adjustments toward a healthier happier existence if those around me who affect me intrinsically (thoroughly) refuse to make the changes I see they need to make for their own happier and healthier life?

I call hypocrite…and not just myself…but everyone I know who suggests change yet refuses it themselves and who refuses to meet their ’emotional target’ half-way.  Don’t be a dick and tell me what I need to do or change if you refuse to take any of what I say on board.

You want me to leash my perfectly well-behaved dog in the park at 7am…the park I walk every morning, and I have never seen your ass at before?  You want to yell at me and scream in my friends face and act nasty before me or my well-trained pooch have a chance to respond to your attacks?

Well, I want you to talk to me with some dignity and respect mother fucker.

Leash your selves…

as far as I am concerned, there are a number of people who shouldn’t be off leash…yet there they roam…free as day.


Another example:

You want to tell me my stress-relievers are worse than yours or my quantities of which I relieve myself are?  Or that what I do to relax is somehow less than [or unacceptable] compared to yours?

Fuck off.

Life is way too short and way too long and no one; I REPEAT: NO ONE is perfect.


In short, I write about change and acceptance of change and making changes to oneself.  At no point do I go around telling everyone they are worthless or going to hell or jail or any of that nonsense.  If you are struggling with your own demons [as we all do] and you are not physically hurting or neglecting living beings you want to be responsible for…then rock on with your bad ass self.


And do me a favor: visa versa; same goes in reverse. If I and my friends want to let our dogs run free in a near empty park at 7am and my dogs are not aggressive or harming anything…back the fuck off me or at least have the decency not to be a total prick about it.




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