Broker than Hell; Richer than Heaven.



It was her turn to be in the position of weakness and it scared her to death.

Putting your life, hope and trust in another was almost certain demise; she had always thought.

Why this one?

Why did he of all deserve such an eternal lover?

Testing him by putting her life completely in his hands was frightening. Yet she couldn’t think of any other way to decipher his inlaid intentions with her soul.  Maybe that made her naive. Maybe it set her up for failure.

But what if it set her up for something different?

What if it set her up for eternal happiness with a best friend and partner in all things physical, spiritual, intellectual, existential?

What if it gave her someone she could appreciate god in? And someone who could appreciate the god in her?

What if this one moment of weakness would lead to an eternity of strength and peace?

For him, he was waiting for instruction…some sort of sign she could manage life without him if he was absorbed back into the energy folds before her.  Could she support them if he was ever in a position of weakness?

Did she love him and respect him and genuinely care if he lived or died?

Letting go…trusting…believing.

Fear was to be faced and conquered.

Love was to be embraced and genuflected (bowed) towards.

No promises, no demands.

Love was the ocean…

and they were in uncharted waters.









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