Groove is in the Heart

Chatted with a gentleman last evening…

He kept repeating:

“I try to make as little of an impact as possible”


Logic being that you never know how someone will take your thoughts/advice/etc. or where they are coming from…

Told a story about how when he was younger and he was in Haiti he saw children with dislocated arms and/or legs begging for cash…

He was disgusted [as he was coming from Europe with a Christian-based filter]…

Then he came to realize they were coming from a totally different place/culture:

one child with issues able to bring in enough money to feed the whole family? explains why a parent would do such a thing to their own flesh and blood.


Then the conversation floated into a discussion about Ireland’s richest man boasting about how generous he was for giving all of Haiti a smart phone…

What kind of an impact is that supposed to have on a country/culture/economy that was in Haiti’s position?


Was trying to make an impact from a selfish perspective [ie: communications mogal giving a poor nation smart phones] really ‘generous’? or was it just a narrow minded attempt to impact a group of people living a very different lifestyle in order to impress the westernized civilization from which he came?


Maybe the idea of less is more has some truth to it.

Maybe taking the time to really learn a people/culture/socio-economic/ecological situation before attempting to heavily impact them might be a better course of action?


Maybe not making waves is not a cop-out, but a very aware way of thinking: like the butterfly effect; we all have a lot more power to affect things than we might realize…so by doing/impacting less actually ends up having a larger and more profound effect.



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