Poke me till I flip out

So you can justify your behaviour and feel better about yourself.

I will play along.



Call me crazy when I bring to light the illogical selfishness.

I will act the part.


Pretend your giving has no personal agenda or selfish motive.

My guilt stemming from my personal need and my humility will absolve you.


What else is family for?


In the name of the father your sins are forgiven and you are free to continue to be greedy, lazy, selfish and shitty. No need to change.


while you are at it, send your homeless child another 50 buck-a-Roos ($£¥€)…it’s plenty to get back on track and change a life.

Its not condicending at all.



I apparently like the way egg feels as it drips down my face.



Drowning in society no longer requires water. The air owned by the few and sold to the many will do just fine.


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